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Services for Animals: Service

Services for Animals

Having worked with animals for several years in an Emergency Veterinary Hospital, and then in an animal rescue facility, my very first true love and life purpose was to help our wonderful friends in the animal kingdom.

Due to my ability to quickly and easily gain the trust of all our 4-legged friends (including the winged ones also), I was often times referred to as the Pet Whisperer by colleagues and clients alike. My unique bond with the animals enabled me to easily work with them and help heal and comfort them, all before I was consciously aware of how I was actually doing it. 

It was only natural, one might event say pre-destined, that I combine the two things that I love doing the most, working with both animals and spirit together.

Animal Reiki


As with humans, Reiki may benefit animals with physical, mental or emotional issues, and can work well in conjunction with traditional veterinary care.  It can help to correct problem behavioral issues, as well as assist with a peaceful transition when it's time for them to cross-over. 


Sessions last roughly 45 minutes and can be performed distantly or in person, as they generally respond well to treatment. 

(***Extra charges may apply for in home visits, or emergencies.***)


Animal Communication


Through the unique process of telepathy, I'm able to communicate with animals to provide insight and clarity into their thought processes and behaviors.  

These sessions can be helpful to determine the root cause of any odd behaviors and issues, or even just to know what your furry little friend is thinking about certain things.  It can also be used to help locate lost pets and to connect with those that are no longer with us in the physical realm.

These sessions are best performed over the phone while I use a picture you have provided to help facilitate the connection, and last 45 minutes.

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